40media Grabbing MS SQL Server Data for iPhone App?

Grabbing MS SQL Server Data for iPhone App?

I have a pre-existing desktop application that draws its information from a Microsoft SQL Server. The desktop application is written in C#/ASP/.NET.

I'd like to take this same data and present it in an iPhone application. What would be the best way to obtain and present the data?

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I would recommend writing a web service this exposes the data and then interfacing with this from the iPhone across the network.. Sending iphone videos to a server Calling web services and making HTTP calls is very easy on the iPhone.. Can give different color in CGContextSetRGBFillColor?
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Do you assume your iPhone application will have netjob access? If so I would go the webservice route as already mentioned. Javascript for “Add to Home Screen” on iPhone?If it's a small database this you want available on the iPhone with out the need to access the internet to retrieve data you could look at converting the SQL Server database into a SQLite database and packaging it with your app..

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