40media Trying to reolve touch to location always returns zero (0) as x location

Trying to reolve touch to location always returns zero (0) as x location

While writing the touchesBegan handler for my view I ran into this interesting error.


... UITouch *touch = [touches anyObject]; CGPoint point = [touch locationInView:self]; ... 

The problem is point.x is always zero, no matter where I "touch" and y is a huge number that flunctuates somewhere between 1070000000 and 1090000000.

The handles is in a view class and it works the same is I pass nil instead of self to locationInView. I also tried looping over all of the touches, and there is only that one with x as zero always.

So what am I doing wrong here?

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Any chance you're using NSLog(@"%d, %d", point.x, point.y); to print out the point values? It sounds kind of like a float -> int conversion error.

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I've used locationInView: a lot, and I've never had a problem like this.

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You might also try checking [self frame] to make sure it's nonzero..
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Ben is right.

The problem is when you try to print the value using %d in NSLog, because point.x and point.y are float values..

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