40media How do I detect, via javascript in Safari Mobile, if my iPhone application is installed?

How do I detect, via javascript in Safari Mobile, if my iPhone application is installed?

As you probably know, iPhone applications can register a custom URL scheme handler, ala "myapp:" and these can be used for links in a page viewed in Safari.

I'd like to automatically launch my application from a specific page if the visitor has the app installed. If the app's not installed, I'll just show them the current mobile-optimized view of the page.

How can I do this detection? Google searches have been fruitless. Also, to be tricky, I've tried doing something like this to no avail:

var image = new Image(); image.onerror = function(e){   alert("bummer"); } image.onload = function(e){   alert('success!'); } image.src = 'myapp://something=meaningful'; 

Has anyone come across a way to do application detection?

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I don't think this is possible. Hide the tab bar when displaying the ABPeoplePickerNavigationController?You would need to register your app on the iPhone/Mobile Safari and then create a uri to fire your app up, just like http:, ftp: mailto:. Draw a shadow behind UIWebViewSo in your case you would have any thing like Am I installed Mobile Safari would need to know what app to fire up to load this URI and I just don't think this functionality is built into the iPhone. I know there is no way javascript must query your iPhone to see what's installed.. I hope I am wrong as this seems like it would be a powerful feature, though on the another side I must see any security issues related to any thing like this.. Good luck..

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