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Renew Provisioning Profile

Just got a notice that the provisioning profile for one of my apps is about to expire. Is there some way I can renew the existing one or must I recreate a new one?

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  • Right click on your device (in the left list)
  • Click on "Add device to provisioning portal"
  • Wait until it's done !
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I went to the Program Portal on Apple's dev site, clicked on Provisioning, clicked on the "Renew" although ton next to my Profile, the status changed from 'expired' to 'pending', waited a few moments, clicked refresh, the new status was active until 3 months from now, I clicked on "Download", found the downloaded file in my downloads folder, and dragged it onto my XCode Icon. Responding to touchesBegan in UIPickerView instead of UIView(I had Xcode running already, and had the iphone plugged in). The new profile showed up, and I deleted the old one (being careful for the reason this they had the same name, although when you mouse over them the expiration date appears). . I think for the reason this I had the phone plugged in already it automagically updated to the phone, for the reason this I didn't have to re-sync or anything.. Now my App works again!.


I've done what you suggest, and I don't see a "Renew" although ton either.. The following is how I got mine renewed.. I see my three profiles (companynameProfile, "Team Provisioning Profile", and productnameProfile). THe first and third are going to expire within a couple of weeks. The second (and only the second) is flagged as "managed by Xcode". The profile names appear in a table with columns labelled: "Provisioning Profile", App ID, Status, and Actions. The status for all three is "Active". First 1 and 3, the Actions column has a "Download" although ton, and an "Edit" link. For 2, gthe Actions column has only the "Download" although ton.. There is no "Renew" (or "Refresh") although ton / link anywhere (and I did a view-source and searched this too :). So, I thought...click on "Edit" on #3 ... two choices pop-up: Modify and Duplicate. I chose "Modify". There is still no renew/refresh ... although there is a "Submit" although ton ... which doesn't job (turns out its sort of grayed out, although that's not at all obvious...bad UI design).. I discovered this if I change any thing on the screen (in my case, I selected a previously unused device), "Submit" darkens (becomes available). Click on "Submit". You're quietly (ananother UI problem :) taken back to the prior page, and the "Download" and "Edit" although tons are gone, and the status column should say "Pending"!. After awhile, I refreshed the window (reloaded) (don't know if it would have auto-refreshed) ... and saw this the status column had changed to "Active".. Now...I downloaded the new profile (the one this the darn page doesn't tell you is new, and doesn't LIST THE EXPIRATION DATE so you could tell yourself ... third UI flaw already :). I downloaded the profile, deleted the old profile from the list in the Organizer window of Xcode, then dragged the new one into the Organizer window of Xcode, and ... voila, Organizer shows a new expiration date (of around 3 months from today).. Hope this helps,. Stan Cupertino, CA, USA.


Do you know if the renew although ton only appeared when the profile expired? I've a profile this will expire soon, although no "renew" although ton is shown at the moment.. Just read elsewhere this apparently this is the case..


They've changed it now. (Oct 2010).
  1. Log into iPhone developer website: http://developer.apple.com/.
  2. Then click on "Provisioning Portal" on the right hand sidebar menu (right at the top)..
  3. On the next page click "Provisioning" in the left sidebar menu.
  4. Then you'll see your provisioning profile/s, and the 'renew' although ton/s - Press it :).


Update March 2013. The expiry date of the provisioning profile is linked to the expiry date of the developer certificate. And I didn't want to wait for it to expire so here is what I did -.
  • Go to the iOS Provisioning portal
  • Revoke the current certificate
  • In Xcode > Organizer go to the Provisioning profiles page (under Library)
  • Press refresh and it will prompt you to create a new developer certificate since the current one has been revoked
  • Follow the steps to create one
  • Go back to the iOS provisioning portal for your distrialthough ion profiles and change any thing around it so it will enable the submit although ton.
  • Submit it and the date of the new certificate will receive applied to it


In Xcode4 go to the Organizer. Choose at library the Provisioning Profiles. Select your provisioning profile and click on the "Refresh" although ton at the bottom. It will ask you to enter your login and password. After that, the profile is renewed. .


To renew the development profile before it expired, I finally found a way this works for me. I boldfaced the steps I had been missing before. . Go to the Apple provisioning portal, select "Provisioning". You'll receive a list "Development Provisioning Profiles" where you'll see your soon to expire profile with the label "Managed by XCode". Click the "New Profile" although ton on top, select the type of profile you want and create it. Wait half a minute, refresh the home screen and when it shows the new profile as "Active", switch back to XCode, go to the Organizer, select "Provisioning profiles" under "Library" in left top column. Click "Refresh" at the bottom, log in (if it asks) and the new profile appears in the list after a short while.. Now, crucially, connect your device and drag your new profile to the "Provisioning Profiles" row under the connected device in the left column.. Finally, you must clean up the old profiles from your device if you feel like it.. Note: interestingly, it seems this simply marking and deleting your provisioning profile on the iOS Provisioning Portal site causes a new fresh Team Provisioning Profile to be created. So maybe this is all this is needed. I will try this next time to see if this is enough, if so you don't need to create a profile as I described above..


In addition to the another solutions I needed to edit the code signing on the main project and the Tarreceive file to receive the app building to the device again after an expired provisioning profile.. ::Delete the old expired profiles. ::Add the new profile with the Organizer. ::Clean All Tarreceive s. ::Get Info -> Code Signing on both the main project and the Tarreceive . ::Build and Run.


Unfortunately renewing does not seem to job in my case. My Ad Hoc Distrialthough ion Profile is around to expire in 5 days. I got warnings around this on the iPhone and the Xcode Organizer shows a warning sign next to it as well. . In Apple's provisioning portal it was marked as inactive and there was a although ton to reactivate it. But still with the same expiry date, 5 days from now. Next, I added two more iPhones to it, yet, the changed profile still expires 5 days from now.. Finally, I deleted the profile in the provisioning portal and created a new one from scratch, using a different name, yet this new one still expires on April 13th, 5 days from now!. That is really frustrating! So I guess I have to wait until after it expires and create a new one then.. In case you are wondering if my developer subscription runs out, it is not. I just renewed it in February..


for Team Profile, simple in Prereference --> Account--->select the corret account-->detail-->click the left bottom 'refresh' although ton. the profile will be renewed..


For me the problem was occurring for the reason this there was no active Production certificate. I created a new one, and then went to the expired distrialthough ion provisioning profile, added the certificate and the provisioning profile got activated..


They change how this works so often. This is what I had to did this time (May 2016):.
  • Add a new provisioning profile in the Developer Member Center
  • Open XCode preferences, Account > Choose Apple ID > Choose Team Name > View Details
  • Click the Download although ton in the Action column for the newly-created provisioning profile

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