40media Build an Xcode project on a Linux machine

Build an Xcode project on a Linux machine

Without writing a GNUmakefile by hand, do any tools exist that understand Xcode projects and can build them directly against GNUstep, producing a Linux executable, thus simplifying (slightly) the work required to keep projects functional under Cocoa/Mac and GNUstep/Linux?

Basically, is there an xcodebuild style app for Linux?

I looked at pbtomake a few weeks ago but it seems to be a dead project.

Clone-equivalent of fork?


Winlibre - An Aptitude-Synaptic for Windows. Would that be useful?
Probably easier to build yourself a set of compilers and binutils that run on OS X but target linux..
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It sounds like you need to look at cocotron.

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It lets you use a subset of Cocoa and compile for OS X, Windows and Linux.

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It's not GNUstep, but it does seem to work for the things I've tried it with.

Compiling is done from inside Xcode, so it's not 100% what you were asking for..


I think you can use GNUstep pbxbuild which is different from the the Mac OS X one.

I am not sure how fully featured it is but it's surely worth to try it out..


The best thing would be to just ssh to a proper OS X machine and do the build there (using xcodebuild)..

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